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Work to Develop Good Money Habits

Our daily habits help shape the way our lives look today.  This is especially true as it relates to the way in which we handle money. Our money habits, whether good or bad, shape our current lifestyle. People who are financially secure get there by developing  proper habits in...

Don’t Give Up

For some, the newness of 2016 has already worn off and reverting back to old habits seems very enticing. Resist the urge to quit on your goals and fight to stay the course. Getting into shape and financial success are at the top of many new years resolutions each year....

Accountability Is Key

Reaching your financial goals can be difficult and at times we all need help.  Having someone that you can be accountable to is key to bringing your plans to fruition.  Depending on your financial situation, you may want to look at reaching your goals as a marathon versus a...

Do You Have A Plan For The Unplanned?

As we all know, everything doesn’t always go according to plan especially as it relates to our finances.  It is vital that you have a plan for unforseen financial emergencies.  Experts recommed saving three to six months worth of expenses.  If you’re just starting...