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Work to Develop Good Money Habits

Our daily habits help shape the way our lives look today.  This is especially true as it relates to the way in which we handle money. Our money habits, whether good or bad, shape our current lifestyle. People who are financially secure get there by developing  proper habits in...

Show Me Your Habits…

…and I’ll tell you your future.  Do you realize that the things that you make into habits actively affect your future state of being?  If you make it a habit to stay up late and get up early, then I predict that you will become sleep-deprived, irritable, have puffy eyes and...

Start Your Changes Before The New Year

At the beginning of every new year, finances are one of the biggest areas people pledge to improve.  For instance, some may plan to develop a budget and stick to it or cut back on excess spending.  There is no time like the present to make changes before the new year begins. ...