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The Benefits of Righteous Living by Guest Writer, Adam Maxwell

  “None but the righteous shall see God; You must be holy, you gotta live right I say. If you want to see Jesus over there; Get right church, Get right church I say, Get right church and let’s go home.” Similar to the lyrics of this song, performed by Ricky...

The Role of Insurance

Having adequate insurance is the foundation of a strong financial game plan. The role of insurance is to transfer risk from you to the insurer.  Some essential types of insurance are life, health, auto, disability, homeowners and renters. Without having adequate coverage in these...

The World Says It’s Time

“They” say,it is time to be married, have children, get promoted at work, purchase a home, invest in a company, retire, etc.   The world appears to have  a time table for success and “they” will attempt to keep you on schedule.  If you fail to graduate...