Divine Ministry of North Florida, Inc.
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P.O. Box 358527 | Gainesville, FL 32635-8527


You Can Count On Me!

Put your trust in God, so you can discover His unfailing love shining in the midst of your troubles.  When you are struggling with discouragement, you need to assert your faith and trust in God over and over again.  It is important to remember who God is:  Creator and One who...

God Hears Dirty Hands

Good work ethic seems to be a dying commodity.  With increased access to information through the internet, instant gratification is common place.  People do not have to wait as long to attain new knowledge.  It’s simple to Google topics of personal interest, make purchases...

Is God In Your Plans?

Have you included God in your plans lately? You know your plans. The last time you planned a vacation, planned what to do at work or after work, or wrote a business plan did you truly take the time to sit down and say, “Lord what would you have me do today”? I know...

Murdering Lips

As our lips part, we often find that our tongue moves.  The question is whether its movement is based upon a yawn, preparation to eat food, or as a tool of destruction.  I encourage you to ask yourself the questions, first postured by Job during old testament times, “is...